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MeetnFly is a new dating site and app that brings together people looking for a happy relationship in Estonia. How was the idea of MeetnFly born? It was autumn in 2020 and the coronavirus had just locked everyone inside their homes. Founder of MeetnFly Annela Mets had been single for a long time and was meeting up with her similarly single friend. During their discussion, they agreed that there were too many people on Estonian dating apps. The two friends tried to find answers to questions they both kept asking while on these apps: “How can I find out whether a person is looking for a relationship or a fling?” and “How can I find someone with similar life goals?”

In May 2021, MeetnFly set out on its journey towards bringing single people together and helping happy relationships blossom in Estonia and in Helsinki. 💜

MeetnFly is aimed at users over 21 who are honest and interested in finding a long-term partner. Of MeetnFly’s userbase of more than 4100 active accounts, the most prominent age range is 31-50, with other age ranges being represented as well. The following are the largest age groups on MeetnFly:
31-35 18%
36-40 20%
41-45 18%
46-50 14%

According to a survey of our users, 99% said that they are ready for a long-term relationship. The majority of our users are located in Tallinn or Tartu, but Pärnu and other regions of Estonia are represented, too. You can see if MeetnFly has potential matches for you on the second step of account creation. 👩‍❤️‍👨

For free you can:

Create a profile!
• Chat and meet on the MeetnFly app, available on Google Play and the App Store.
• See people that match your expectations!
Match and chat with up to five people!
See who has matched with you 1st and wishes to chat!
• See a compatibility score next to every user.
• See matches from different locations!
• Meet in an ad-free environment – MeetnFly has no ads!

The Premium Membership allows you to:

• Send before match a greeting message!
• Match with an unlimited number of people!
• Chat with your matches for an unlimited time!
• Fast, e-mail based customer service – tips and tricks for improving your profile and finding new matches!

MeetnFly offers in-depth profiles and a mature userbase looking for long-term commitment. MeetnFly does not publish unfinished profiles that lack photos, a first name or an age. The app helps you find the right person for you through a compatibility score. MeetnFly also aims to help its users with the MeetnFly blog, which writes on topics aimed at its users and attempts to dissect the most common relationship problems – we do this to encourage and support our users meeting and entering happy relationships. 💜

The MeetnFly questionnaire assigns every match a compatibility score that will be displayed in the top corner of a profile. This score is based on the MeetnFly questionnaire, which gives an overview of personality and values.

Why is this important? Our personalities and the way we see and value the world play an important role in our relationships. This helps us bring together people who see the world in similar colours but differ in their own ways at the same time. There are endless possibilities!

The higher your compatibility score, the more your world views align. You can also use the score to meet people with completely different world views.

When creating a profile, each user is able to set the expectations they have for a potential partner – they will be shown profiles based on these expectations. This is not done manually. You can change your expectations at any time.

Premium users - If you’re looking for more matches, don’t hesitate to write to our customer support at and we’ll be happy to help you with some personalised recommendations. 🙂

There are several ways to do this. We recommend that you make your profile as thorough as possible, add at least two photos of yourself, widen your partner criteria, remove the requirement for a certain height for potential partners or change your desired location.

Match is born when two people like each other! MeetnFly users will receive information about a new match via app notification.

Your match will have been asked to list their preferred first date activities in their profile to make the first date planning easier. 😉

We assume that users enter their real information when making an account, which is why we won’t let you change this information later. However, we can make necessary changes if you have made an error when typing in this information; to edit your information, e-mail our support at

Meeting someone wonderful can often make us feel like we’re walking on air. Hence fly, which occurs after a nice meeting. There’s nothing better than meeting someone and deciding to fly off together!

  1. Our users are our top priority! 🤗
  2. We will soon offer our users the most secure way of dating!
  3. We are constantly evolving and changing in an effort to offer our users the best dating experience!
  4. We value honesty and good-faith communication. We do not tolerate offense or humiliation based on race, skin colour, national or ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation.
  5. We use a scientific approach on MeetnFly! 🤓
  6. We have fun while working – no fun, no MeetnFly! 😄
  7. We value self-improvement and learning!
  8. We work smart, not hard – we allow ourselves to be lazy!
  9. We only work on what we truly care about – we’re passionate!
  10. We value happy and positive relationships! 💜